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Changing The Way The World Perceives Sales

At Sales Geek, our enthusiasm for sales is matched only by our commitment to redefining its perception. Recognizing the business landscape in the esteemed state of Florida, we firmly assert that sales should never carry the stigma of a “dirty word.” Rather, it is a valuable skill deserving accessibility for all, not limited to an exclusive few. Our unwavering dedication lies in establishing quality sales education and strategy as an inherent right, rather than a privileged pursuit.

Within our suite of comprehensive training solutions, we tailor our approach to suit the unique needs of every individual. We hold a steadfast belief that top-tier sales leadership possesses the transformative power to elevate businesses, a potential that should extend inclusively to companies of all sizes, not exclusively to large corporations. This principle guides our flagship service, Your Sales Director, meticulously crafted to propel the growth of small businesses throughout the vibrant business landscape of Florida.

Our Sales Strategists are deeply embedded in local communities across the Sunshine State and beyond. When you engage with us, rest assured that you will interface with a genuine professional who comprehends your distinct situation and requirements. They are not standalone experts; rather, they leverage the collective knowledge and expertise amassed over 800 years within our expansive Geeky network. We invite you to explore our specialist service offerings, allowing you to discover the sales solution seamlessly aligned with your specific needs. Should you seek further details, do not hesitate to reach out to us today.


We have a wide range of professional training and development services that will help you grow your business.

Your Sales Director

  • Industry leading Sales Director to lead you/your teams
  • Sales function/process optimisation
  • Sales Director on part time basis
  • Pay only for what you use
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Your Sales Trainer

  • Industry leading blended learning approach
  • Skills gap analysis and team audit
  • Unique digital and physical learning resources
  • Over 25,000 people upskilled
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Online Training

We have specialist online training that gives you and your sales team access to hundreds of free sales videos, podcasts and learning resources that can be accessed either through our web app or desktop portal or our more comprehensive Sales Geek Academy, perfect for businesses with growing sales teams.


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