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Why customers turn to SALES GEEK IN your franchise AREA?

Our customers face the same problems that most small businesses face. Your Sales Director is geared toward helping these businesses successfully navigate through their core issues and to grow and flourish.

  • Owner managers are looking for practical support
  • Owner managers lack strategic sales skills and expertise
  • Feeling stuck and struggling to scale the business
  • Lack of clear systems and processes
  • Feeling the pressure & need help

As a Sales Geek you are uniquely placed in the market to deliver a suite of products that we have developed to help and support small businesses and their sales teams in your area. Our number one unique product is Your Sales Director™ and we also offer Sales Training with the opportunity for you to earn recurring revenue through our Sales Geek Academy™. 

Your Sales Director

Your Sales Director places you in a unique position in the market place of B2B services. Rather than a consultancy model, Your Sales Director places you at the heart of a small businesses in your community making a fundamental difference to the lives of business owners and the people they employ. Small businesses are always priced out of the market when it comes to top level sales leadership, until now. And that’s where you and Your Sales Director come in.

Hiring a sales director is a big deal for any company. A Sales Director should be the driving force in any business as they are the ones primarily responsible for the success and growth of all sales revenues. But there are some formidable challenges in finding someone of quality and calibre, to fit that role. Today, a Sales Director’s salary can be prohibitive, particularly if that company wants the very best sales leaders with significant experience and a great track record in sales growth. It seems the best sales talent is almost always out of reach. But not any longer! Your Sales Director enables all businesses to access that top level sales leadership (you!) at an affordable price that won’t break their P&L. 

Your Sales Director is our core product in the market and will likely make up the majority of your businesses. We have proven methodologies and resources you can use with each business you work with to help drive their revenue growth. You aren’t on your own, there is a comprehensive training programme in place and ongoing training and support for you as your business develops

Your Sales Trainer

Quite often you will find that inbound leads to your Sales Geek business are centred around sales training as this is generally better understood than the Your Sales Director model. Most enquiries from small businesses will usually qualify into those Your Sales Director clients. However, for larger businesses, usually with a training budget, training can be the most effective solution. Your Sales Trainer once again places you at the heart of a business leading that training and implementing our core program with a full suite of resources for you to deliver to get the best out of any sales team of any size.

Solving The problem of traditional Sales Training & earning RECURRING REVENUE

 If you’ve ever taken part in sales training or procured it for your organisation then you understand how problematic it can be. Even if you want to give your sales team the best training and the best possible chance to succeed you are met with challenges with scheduling, with different employee skill sets, with staff turnover and often spiralling training costs trying to keep pace with all the change. And of course, when you do finally get everyone in one room or around their computers the training can still miss the mark and not be what you need to progress. 

The Sales Geek Academy solves those major problems with sales training and provides you with the opportunity to receive recurring residual income from the Academy clients you sign up.

Key Benefits
  • Working hours and times to suit you
  • Opportunity to make a real difference in your community
  • Full suite of products and services to scale your business
  • Opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Fully supported through the Sales Geek community
  • Full training and ongoing training
  • Monthly marketing support packs
  • Peer learning and support from other franchisees
Key Features
  • Proven business model that works across the country
  • Proven methodologies and processes for you to both support your client and implement in their business.
  • Access to world class technology, via the Sales Geek App to broadcast to your audience
  • Access to world class product suite for direct and indirect revenue uplift


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